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Comprehensive gay Ireland guide for anyone who wants to connect with the LGBT Ireland scene

GayToDo is your one-stop-shop for all LGBT Ireland events right across the country. There is a vibrant LGBT community in Ireland and a huge number of events taking place on a regular basis that are open to everyone. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive gay Ireland guide for anyone who wants to connect with the LGBT Ireland scene beyond the usual gay bars and clubs.

By listing every event for the gay Ireland community, we want to link the various sports clubs and societies hosting gay Ireland events and bring people of common interests together. Not only that but by focusing on fun LGBT Ireland social events, people can engage in activities which don’t revolve around the gay dating Ireland scene. Just chill out, have fun, expand your social circle and meet people of like mind.

May 2015 ushered in a historic new era of equality for Ireland. Gay marriage has set the tone for a progressive nation, with a demand for equal opportunities for love and also entertainment. lists all gay Ireland sports, adventure and social events in the country. It was created for LGBT Ireland people who wanted a quick and easy location where they can find what’s happening in their local area and around the country.

What we want to do for LGBT Ireland

LGBT Ireland statistics suggest that there is a growing need for apps and information that can cater for everyone who’s looking to take part in LGBT Ireland events. Nowadays people expect to be able to find in-depth and up-to-date information on whatever they’re looking for and gay Ireland events are no different. That’s what GayToDo provides, a comprehensive gay Ireland guide with times, places and contacts right at your fingertips for whatever activities you’re interested in.

Full details are provided on all events such as maps, directions, tickets, price range, payment options, parking and the organiser’s details. We are the only site where you will find out everything you need about events specifically catering for those who are lesbian or gay. Ireland is a country with a wealth of beautiful locations and a community based focus, so it is about time that a site focused on all the activities around the island that are bringing together LGBT Ireland members.

GayToDo is very simple to use and functions as a gay Ireland guide. All you need to do is search the website for a date, a location, or a keyword related to your preferred LGBT Ireland activity. For example, if you want to find a lesbian Ireland hockey club in Dublin or a gay Ireland social tennis event then just type in what you are looking for and find out what’s happening in your field of interest.

How to use GayToDo as your gay Ireland guide

Our calendar will show you what gay Ireland events are happening and where. Clicking the link for each individual activity will give you all the information you need, such as the time and location of the meeting as well as contact details allowing you to get in touch with the club or association directly. Though with so many gay Ireland events happening around the country make sure to have plenty of dates free!

With such ease in finding the things you’re interested in, GayToDo allows the LGBT community to see a whole new Ireland. Gay marriage may have been the seminal moment in the history of the community but everything that has been achieved has also been built on strong bonds between LGBT Ireland people the length and breadth of the island. It is this friendliness, openness and cohesiveness that we have no doubt will see the community thrive for long into the future.

Our powerful search feature allows you to quickly find exactly what you are looking for – making it easy for you to expand your social network away from the gay dating Ireland scene, while taking part in all the activities you enjoy. There are lots of people right across the country who want to enjoy a range of events with other LGBT Ireland people and GayToDo is helping to facilitate that.

Have you set up an LGBT Ireland group?

If you have just set up a LGBT Ireland group and you plan to hold an event, feel free to list it on GayToDo. You can do so by going through a quick registration process, after which you will be able to log in to the Event Adding page. You can post information about the gay Ireland activities or events you are organising on our website and inform people of the details, such as its time, date and location.

We currently only accept posts from voluntary LGBT Ireland sports and social clubs. We are not yet accepting commercial posts, such as those focusing solely on the gay dating Ireland scene at this time. Fundraising events for gay and lesbian Ireland voluntary groups – like table quizzes, raffles, sponsored runs etc. – will be accepted.

The lesbian and gay Ireland guide

Whether you’re Irish or just visiting Ireland, GayToDo is your number one resource for getting involved in and embracing LGBT Ireland social life. We’re here to spread the love and foster a spirit of greater communication and togetherness. In this light we want everyone to explore the great variety of LGBT Ireland events and activities and we strive to be the starting point of some of your best memories.

This website is ideal for gay and lesbian visitors, new arrivals to Ireland and Irish people who want to broaden their social horizons and experience more. Whether you want to play sports, join a gay Ireland social group or travel throughout the country with new LGBT friends – we have everything you are looking for. Now, there’s no excuse to miss out on Ireland’s vibrant LGBT life.

Revitalise your life – Discover new LGBT Ireland social opportunities, enjoy unique experiences and make memories that will last a lifetime.