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LGBT Belfast is awakening and coming out of the shadows of its troubled past. The city has lots of reasons for pride and members of the gay Belfast community are contributing to this cultural resurgence in many ways. For anyone looking to visit, or for residents who want to find out what’s going on, LGBT Belfast has a huge amount to offer in terms of social events and activities, not just on the gay bars Belfast scene. It is a testament to the city’s resilience and the deep warmth of its people and the LGBT Belfast community that it is rapidly gaining a reputation in Ireland, the UK, and further afield, as one of Europe’s coolest and most adventurous cities.

Your Gay Belfast Guide

GayToDo was created to provide a single platform with every LGBT event on the island and LGBT Belfast is one of the busiest locations around. Whatever your interests or tastes, LGBT Belfast has something on offer. Our goal is to make it quick and easy to find out what’s happening on the gay Belfast scene and to connect with other like-minded people in different settings. We update our site daily so whatever gay Belfast events you are looking for be sure to keep an eye out here. We also provide more information on how to get in touch with the various LGBT Belfast social groups and networks around the city. To see a different side of gay Belfast, GayToDo is the place to look.

LGBT Belfast Groups

There are a host of great LGBT Belfast social clubs and groups around the city which run events throughout the year. Stay tuned to GayToDo to find out more about everything going on in gay Belfast.

The Outburst Queer Arts Festival is an annual occasion which see the LGBT Belfast community celebrate all forms of queer art and performance. It supports local and international artists as well as providing a platform to showcase thought-provoking and exciting works in LGBT Belfast. The events are organised over the space of more than a week, thus creating a very special atmosphere around the city.

One of the big highlights of the LGBT Belfast year is the annual Belfast Pride celebrations. It is Ireland’s biggest LGBT festival and with over 100 events spread across 10 days it’s always a fabulous occasion for meeting, sharing and having a great time. As a centrepiece of gay Belfast life, it is responsible for building bridges across the community and pushing for recognition in Northern Ireland of gay marriage equality.

Evolving from a club night, Deja vu-vu is a bi and lesbian Belfast group which organises events for women in the city away from the gay dating Belfast scene. It strives to create a comfortable social space to cater for the many varied interests of bi and lesbian Belfast women. Activities include hikes and coffee meetups as well as theatre nights and art workshops.

The Rainbow Project has been working with members of the gay Belfast community as a support network and information service for more than 20 years. Through its LGBT Belfast centre it runs training courses, fundraising activities as well as active one-off events.

For those who like filling up on fresh air, Out and About is a group of LGBT Belfast hikers who arrange fortnightly walks around some of the most beautiful walking spots in Ulster. It’s a great way to get in touch with nature while also connecting with like-minded individuals from the gay Belfast community.

The Unison Northern Ireland LGBT group is dedicated to promoting LGBT visibility in the workplace and supporting members of the LGBT Belfast, and broader Northern Ireland, community. It provides resources and information on upcoming social events and training opportunities.

An initiative of the Rainbow Project, Quire was set up as the only LGBT Belfast choir. They have performed at a wide variety of events and on the BBC and have rehearsals and get-togethers throughout the year. Any member of the gay Belfast community is welcome to take part as their wide repertoire of musical influences seek to spread the love throughout Ireland.

Genderjam Northern Ireland is another colourful strand of the LGBT Belfast rainbow and organises social meetups twice a month for members of the young trans community. They also arrange and host training sessions and special interest groups.

The Queen’s University LGBT+ Group or QULGBT is a social group and support network for gay Belfast university students. The group is run by students and organise a wide variety of events to cater for the diverse interests and desires of their members. These activities include trips, pub crawls and nights out as well as information evenings and talks, with the typical energy of youth, the group is very active on the gay Belfast scene.

LGBT Awareness Week is a series of events, information evenings and talks aimed at increasing awareness and support for the LGBT Belfast community and that of Northern Ireland. It also includes social activities for gay Belfast people and anyone who would like to take part.

With the philosophy of supporting those who are gay and Christian, Faith and Pride, provides support and organises social events and religious occasions for people in the Christian and gay Belfast community.

The Belfast Feminist Network is a social and activist group for straight, bi and lesbian Belfast women which comes together to create a space for feminist discourse and voices of social change in the city. It organises and takes part in protest actions and public meetings as well as festivals and celebrations for the wider and LGBT Belfast community.

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With so many gay Belfast events happening throughout the year there is plenty to choose from for anyone looking to fill up their social calendar. GayToDo is updated daily and provides the perfect platform for finding out everything that’s going on on the LGBT Belfast scene. Check us out regularly to keep up to date and if you know of any LGBT Belfast event or activity which is happening but isn’t on our site, feel free to contact us directly or add the event yourself through our events page.

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