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A Gay Ireland Guide

GayToDo is a single centralised platform providing all the information you need for LGBT Ireland events, from gay Wexford social groups to finding out what’s happening on the gay Longford or gay Letterkenny scene. There are activities happening all over the country throughout the year so for anyone looking to meet like-minded people in their local areas, whether it be gay Kilkenny or gay Westmeath, we are the place to find the activity for you.

LGBT Ireland Events Around The Island

Of course, most people associate gay Ireland events with the major population centres around Dublin, Cork and Belfast but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options out there for people looking to socialise with others who are lesbian, trans, bi or gay. Kerry for example is a very active spot for locals and visitors alike, while the gay Mayo scene is very active with the Out West group providing a platform for connecting people. We keep our site regularly updated so there’s always something happening to cater for a wide variety of interests.

The Only Place You Need To Find The Gay Ireland Events You Want

The purpose of GayToDo is to connect people from all over the island, and those visiting from abroad, in a social and friendly setting without the pressure of the gay dating scene. We believe that all people, wherever they are should have a means of connecting with their community, be that by meeting up with others for gay Wicklow hiking or on the gay Kildare scene. Social and sports clubs, movie nights, activist events and casual meetups over coffee or drinks are a great way to connect with others from the community and to build up your social life.

LGBT Social Clubs and Events

LGBT Galway

As one of Ireland’s biggest, and only, cities, the gay Galway scene is understandably bigger than many other rural centres. It holds an annual Community Pride Festival which features music, art exhibitions, comedy and a fun and colourful parade, it brings together all members of the gay Galway and broader community.

Other socialising opportunities for the LGBT Galway community are at Teach Solais a social space provided by AMACH! LGBT Galway, which also run education, training and information events as well as activities like film exhibitions and sports events. There are also groups like GIG Soc NUIG for LGBT Galway students, and SHEnanigans for bi, trans and lesbian Galway women who want to meet up, socialise and build a sense of community in their area.

LGBT Kerry

The “Kingdom” is a historic county which also attracts huge amounts of tourists every year for its pubs, scenery and beaches. Though many members of the gay Kerry community would traditionally have ventured to Cork or Dublin, the home-grown scene is growing significantly recently since the Ireland gay marriage vote. Whether it’s looking for something happening on the gay Tralee or gay Killarney scene there’s always something to do in Kerry. With many parts of the latest Star Wars films, as well as 57 pubs and lots of traditional music, expect the gay Dingle scene to offer a lot throughout the year as well.

LGBT Kilkenny

One of the most popular “weekender” destinations in the country, it’s no surprise that the gay Kilkenny scene has so much potential. With beautiful pubs, medieval architecture and the annual Cat Laughs festival, there are a lot of activities happening to make any gay Kilkenny trip amazing.

LGBT Limerick

As a bustling university city, it’s no surprise that the gay Limerick community is alive and kicking, with its long-running Pride celebrations and a vibrant voice in the area. The LGBT Limerick Pride event is the centre-piece of the community’s social calendar with the event bringing together gay, trans, bi, queer and lesbian Limerick people with the broader community for a wide variety of awesome activities. This includes the ever popular Mr. and Mrs. Gay Limerick competition while there are also a great number of events and social get-togethers happening throughout the year.

LGBT Meath

With a large population and proximity to everything happening in Dublin, the “Royal County” is a great place for people looking to connect with others who are gay. Meath provides a lovely mix of urban and rural dwelling. Whether its lesbian Trim activities or finding out what’s happening on the gay Navan scene, GayToDo is the place to find all the events you are looking for.

LGBT Westmeath

Similar to its neighbour, the gay Westmeath community benefit from the closeness of both the countryside and the city. The large urban centres mean that the gay Mullingar and gay Athlone scenes can have the best of both worlds, meeting others of like-mind and benefitting from a populous gay Westmeath community.

LGBT Donegal

In the far northwest of the country it is as important as anywhere for members of the gay Donegal community to self-organise and provide a platform for socialising and sharing of lives and stories. Larger towns like Ballybofey and the gay Letterkenny scene provide a social outlet for members of the gay Donegal community. BreakOut is a social group and youth project for LGBT Donegal members, aged 12 – 30, providing a safe space drop in centre, social evenings and information.


There is a very vibrant and vocal gay Mayo community, providing plenty of opportunity for socialising and meeting others in a fun and open environment. This is exemplified by the annual Mayo Pride event, which sees the organising of a variety of activities for the broad spectrum of the straight and gay Castlebar community, as well as anyone else who’d like to take part. The schedule includes events such as a comedy night, artists’ exhibitions and of course the parade itself. This is supported by the active LGBT Mayo Equality group as well as the SWAG gay Mayo youth group.

The OutWest social group is well established and puts on a smorgasbord of different social events and activities for the gay Mayo and gay Sligo community. These include social meetups, walks in the country side and bowling. If you’re looking for something across these counties whether for gay Ballina or gay Westport or any other town, keep an eye on GayToDo for what’s coming up.

LGBT Longford

Though the county may be maligned by those who don’t know it well, anyone in the gay Longford community will tell you that it also has many great things about it. The gay Longford scene is helped by the LGBT Longford group and the county has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike.

LGBT Wexford

There are a host of gay Wexford social groups creating a friendly, open and very welcoming rainbow over the sunny south-east. The Gay Wexford site provides great information on all the active collectives in the county. These include the LGBT Wexford Youth Group which provides safe environments at two locations in the county, Gorey and Wexford Town, for young people to make friends, have fun and share their experiences. The Gay Wexford group itself holds fundraisers, information evenings and social activities to support and connect members of the LGBT Wexford community.

LGBT Wicklow

With a large population and an excellent range of both cultural activities and environmental enjoyment, the gay Wicklow community is spoiled for choice when it comes to event options. Whether it’s the gay Bray scene or taking part in LGBT hiking events in the Wicklow Mountains the county has plenty to offer. Groups such as the LGBT Wicklow and surrounding areas social community give space for people to arrange their own events and bring people together to take part in the things they love.

LGBT Kildare

Being one of the most populous counties on the island it’s no surprise to find the gay Kildare community one of the biggest in the land. Its proximity to Dublin means that a lot of gay Kildare people take part in social activities there rather than on the gay Naas or gay Maynooth scene. However, there are still groups providing for people who wish to get in touch with others in a social setting closer to home. The Sunrise LGBT Kildare group are a good place to start with the KLGBT provides a space for younger (14-21) LGBT Kildare people to find support and make connections with others.

LGBT Waterford

A county that boasts some of the island’s nicest beaches and best holiday spots, the gay Waterford scene is one of the brightest in the south. With groups like sOUTh LGBT Waterfordand the LGBT Waterford Institute of Technology Society organising events and bringing people together, the LGBT Waterford Pride festival takes a break from tradition and is Ireland’s original winter pride festival.

Check us out regularly to keep up to date with every LGBT Ireland event happening on the island. If you know of any LGBT events happening, from the gay Tralee or lesbian Limerick scene or anywhere else in the country which we haven’t included, feel free to contact us directly or add the event yourself through our events page.

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